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Smart Parking. The ideal parking solution.

More and more cities in Romania are confronted by the lack of parking spaces. In the capital city there are 1.2 million cars registered while the number of parking spaces is approximately 100,000.

Regarding the number of cars, Romania is quickly approaching the West, but we can not say the same thing about parking lots. City halls in Bucharest and in the country's big cities are facing great difficulties in the development of parking spaces. Allocated parking areas are undermined by commercial centers and new buildings constructed in recent years. Moreover, with state aid, many Romanians are now able to buy a new car through fleet renewal campaign. There is the possibility of purchasing a parking place arranged by the Municipality, but nobody can guarantee that it will not be occupied by other citizens who do not have a paid parking space, or vice versa, you can occupy the space of another citizen.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of parking in central areas with high traffic and the residential areas and to relieve the congested streets and sidewalks, we launched Smart Parking products.

Smart Parking is an intelligent vertical parking system which does not affect in any way the environment. The system is quiet and consists of a circular elevator with access code customized for each user. Thus, on the footprint of the two cars we can park vertically 12 cars. Cars are also protected from the weather, dust and corrosive factors.

Smart Parking is available in two models:
» Standard model – for cars (or limos).
» SUV model.

Both systems are supplied as follows:
» Standard Package:
  » Steel structure
  » Car boarding pallets
  » Manual control panel
» Automation Package:
  » Alphanumeric boarding software
  » Card boarding software
» Standard Weather Protection Package:
  » Policarbonate high resistance roof (-40°C, +45°C)
» Safety Package:
  » Secondary steel structure
  » Sandwich panel enclosure (4.5 cm)
  » Automatic door access
  » Backup power supply (diesel generator)
  » Indoor electrical installation
  » Interior and exterior video surveillance installation
  » Canopy to protect the user control panel
» Pachet PHF:
  » Infrastructure (concrete foundation)
  » Installation and commissioning

In just two months, such systems have been installed and put into operation in September 2009 in Bucharest, in Militari and Drumul Taberei neighborhoods, these areas are known as the busiest in the Capital.

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